World Plogging Championship 2023: Experiencing the Great Outdoors


From September 29th to October 1st: an innovative sport competition, which combines physical activity and the care for the environment. The aim is to raise ecological awareness among citizens, athletes, and children.

15 nations represented by 100 athletes from all over the world. They are ready to beat the records of the past edition, when over 1,100 kg of abandoned waste were collected in the Olympic Valleys of Turin 2006.

First, a Plogging Child this Friday is going to open the scene to the third edition of the WPC, with the delivery of the race packages and the ceremony at Palazzo Ducale. On Saturday, September 30th the finals of the World Plogging Championship are going to start at the “Felice Ceravolo” Sports Center in Lagaccio. Throughout the entire day – entertainment, games for children and stands will accompany the arrival of the race. Once they reach the finish line, the judges of the race are going to open all the bags of the collected waste by the athletes and sorting them. Their performances get a score based on the distance and on the difference in attitude travelled. The quantity and quality of the collected waste also have an important influence on the final result. Their value, transformed into CO2 not emitted into the atmosphere thanks to the recycling of the collected materials, is going to contribute to the ranking.

On Sunday, October 1st the event will move to Porto Antico, and more precisely at Molo Ponte Embriaco. The pilot edition of Urban Plogging, in collaboration with the Energy Partner AXPO – will take place in the streets of the city centre, engaging 50 eco-athletes. At the same time, in collaboration with Riviera Sailing Academy, there will be a demonstration of Sea Plogging: the waste will be collected directly from a boat. The morning will end with the awarding ceremony of the World Plogging Championship.

World Plogging Championship 2021

It is clear: the plogging mission is based on a good environmental communication power. Specifically, the idea is that when we run together, for a common purpose, we are all winners. All the participants arrive to the finish line at the same time, carring heavy bags of litter, and cheered by the supporters. Nowadays, plogging is a global movement and it is welcomed all over the world. Are you thrilled to join the experience the great outdoors with plogging?

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