Immondezza – The Movie

Immondezza is a journey in the Southern Italy, along beauties and waste. From the Vesuvio Volcano to Etna, crossing parks and municipalities, mountains and beaches, cleaning paths. 350 km of breathtaking landscapes that become a frame for the mission of Roberto Cavallo against littering. That is a fight in a territory where the struggle with mafias is counterposed to the reception of refugees and a huge love for this country.

Lenght: 43:54 min.

Director: Mimmo Calopresti

Script: Emanuela Rosio e Daniela Riccardi

Producer: A.I.C.A.

Executive Producer: Magda Film

Cast: Roberto Cavallo, Mimmo Calopresti

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  • 1 DVD: 14,99€ (+delivery costs)
  • from 2 to 9 DVDs: 12,00 €/each (+d.c.)
  • more than 10 DVDs: 10,00 € /each (+d.c.)