Let’s clean up Europe!

Every year, millions of tons of abandoned waste pollute oceans, beaches, forests. Unsustainable models of production and consumption perpetuated in our societies are considered the main reason for this pollution. Bad political habits in waste management and perduring lack of awareness about this issue in the population are contributory causes which worsen the problem.

In order to contrast the abandon of waste and to raise awareness about littering, European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) promotes a European Clean-Up Day, characterize by the international campaign Let’s Clean Up Europe (LCUE).    

A European movement

The main goal of LCUE is to collect all the single clean-up events into one larger occurrence, involving citizens for all over Europe and spreading widely a message of sustainability and cooperation among nations.

Taking part to Let’s Clean Up Europe, citizens may get involved in cleaning actions. At the same time, they may comprehend the amount of waste produced in their territories and how vital is to pay attention at our everyday habits.

If you want to organize your action and to get involved, you can find all the information needed in this factsheet.

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