AICA Award

Established in 2004, AICA Award aims to reward those who, through communication campaigns, bring environmental problems to the attention of citizens. Above all, AICA Award recognises the contribution to the creation of an environmental culture and a collective awareness.

The award, according to a formula developed through the years, is divided into three sections:

1- “Communicating with citizens improves the environment“, focused on environmental communication issues. Every year a different theme is chosen. In 2020 edition, the issue of waste abandonment has been addressed, emphasising the theme “Communicating the littering”.

2- “Communicating climate change“, inspired by the Paris Agreement on climate, aims to enlighten the issues related to climate change, the reduction of CO2 emissions and energy efficiency.

3- “Beppe Comin career award”, added in 2008, gives recognition to the commitment of a life spent for the protection of the environment.

Here the Award regulation