Empowering Environmental Communication: The Role of Conferences

As environmental communication magazine, Envi.info was invited to take part and be media partner of the Waste Management Europe three-day event in Bergamo (18th-20th April 2023).

After some years of sanitary crisis due to the pandemic situation, this second edition of WME was an opportunity to reunite international stakeholders along a large roundtable of events, exhibitions, and conferences. 5,000 attendees, 500 delegates, 20 sessions, and 100 speakers brightened up the purpose of the expo: Reducing, Recycling, Reusing for the greater good of the planet.

This kind of events are vital for the communication field, as providers of new opportunities and skills development. They create a space of knowledge sharing, defining innovative collaborations. The role of networking is fundamental in the information sector, especially when it comes to environmental issues, which can be challenging for communicators. Do we know enough about this topic? What are the perspectives on the matter?

WME structured a full agenda of events, dedicating a specific zone to companies supporting the project, a theatre for open conferences, and an extra area to deepen some specific aspects related to circular economy key topics.

Regulatory frameworks on waste management, technological innovation, and sectors are on constant evolution: conferences become not only an opportunity but also a tool in the environmental communication world. It is quite interesting to notice that physical events preserve their importance, even in a digitalized framework.

As media partner of the expo, and insiders of this work field, our perception during these meetings was that there is a willing for clarity, a dedicated time and space to discuss about the future of the planet in a pragmatic way. The organization permitted moments of high-quality interactions with other partners and speakers.

It is a matter of inclusivity: environmental movements, which have made considerable progress in the last decade, instruct us on how to carry on international campaigns engaging people globally – stressing out the importance of a horizonal communication, defined by comprehensive and effective languages. On the other hand, conferences and exhibitions impact the dialogue among different levels of stakeholders in the green economy – the perceived verticality is offset by the interchange among all the actors involved. The integration of these various communication experiences is crucial to set up an effective information strategy.

More information: www.wme-expo.com