ZW Scotland: Turning the Lens on the True Impact of Food Waste

During the last COP26 in Glasgow, governments and negotiators talked about the main topics of the climate crisis: pollution, intensive animal farming, wastefulness, exploitation of the available resources.

Along with the decisions and the discussions during these talks, many stakeholders all around the world are doing some concrete actions in order to make people aware about environmental troubles.

Scotland is one of the most actively involved country in this causes. Here the Scottish Government founded in 2014 Zero Waste Scotland, a no profit environmental organization funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The aim of this organization is to make Scottish citizens aware about environmental crisis through communication campaigns.

One of these is about food waste. Turning the lens on the True Impact of Food Waste is a visual presentation of the problem, created by LUX (The Food & Drink Agency for Zero Waste Scotland) in collaboration with Rankin, a Scottish photographer who made five shots about wasted food in a peculiar way.

By taking the instantly recognizable silhouette of a plastic bottle and filling it with wasted food, we can all look closer at this problem. It is an incisive way to allow people to see the real effects about our needlessly food waste.

The shots of Turning the lens on the True Impact of Food Waste had been displayed in Glasgow city centre, the location of COP26, during the conference days. Thanks to social media, the photos reached people all around the world, with a high social impact. Also, the consumers of other countries saw the negative impact of food waste and a lot of foreign media and press agencies talked about that.

In June 2022 Turning the lens on the True Impact of Food Waste won the Purpose Award 2022, as the Best Environmental Cause Campaign in Public Sector. This award promotes the research and the science in order to fight world crisis.