Zero Waste Scotland CAN-paign: Let’s CAN-cel Food Waste!

Zero Waste Scotland launches its CAN-paign, urging the nation to “take a fresh look at tinned food in a bid to save money, and the planet”. How so? Canned food is affordable, easy to store and cook, it has a long-shelf life and – most of all – cans can be infinitely recycled.

ZWS reminds that, even if almost a quarter of the population would consider tins a ‘last resort’, tinned food can be truly versatile and tasty. To better explain its potential, they decided to extend the social & media campaign through street demonstrations. Specifically, they teamed up with the celeb chef Julie Lin and organized a pop-up restaurant where every meal is made through this concept. The CAN-teen has been touring cities across Scotland – the next meeting is set up at the Union Square in Aberdeen, today 31st March, from 12 to 2 pm.

ZWS Communication Team reminds us that canned food is healthy, since research carried by Food Standards Scotland have shown that the canning process helps to lock in nutrients and preserve them. Also, effective food storage can help food last longer, which is really important considering that “a huge 41% of the food waste from homes in the UK is because we haven’t used it in time”. There, they provide us with some interesting tips on how to store leftover tinned food.

Julie Lin, © ZERO WASTE SCOTLAND 2023.

In order to stress out our creativity, “use our recipes for some tin-spiration”: they have taken some of the most commonly purchased tins and have transformed them into tasty recipes.

What to do with food tins and drinks cans? ZWS explains us these cans are made from steel or aluminium. Both are 100% recyclable and can be reprocessed again and again: in fact, tins are reused infinitely without losing quality, and that shows the importance of recycling them properly.

Finally, this campaign combines information with creativity, leading consumers into getting more conscious about the value of this material. The visual identity and the communication strategy seem to understand the need of clear messageswhy should I buy canned food? What are the advantages? ZWS answers these questions and encourages people to take part to the concept, involving a reliable ambassador like Julie Lin. Thus, this initiative displays different tools by making all the prompts funny and catchy.

Zero Waste Scotland exists to lead Scotland to use products and resources responsibly, focusing on where we can have the greatest impact on climate change. More details on their website and social media.