Let’s Clean Up Europe is off to a good start!

From 17th April to 24th November 2024, everyone in Europe (and beyond) can join the Let’s Clean Up Europe campaign.

A communication campaign that aims at fostering a European community of clean-up and plogging activities along the months, from April till November. Let’s Clean Up Europe (LCUE) is born as a sister project of the European Week for Waste Reduction, which will take place this year from 16th to 24th November 2024.

The idea of this awareness campaign is to spread the voice all around Europe on the importance of a collective action for the environment, by promoting clean-up and plogging sessions.

Through a common visual identity and communication materials, LCUE is open to everyone – all stakeholders can participate by filling a clear online form. After the registration, the coordinators reach out to the subscribers in order to provide them with further support and information.

The one-to-one relation fosters the collaboration and creates a sense of community – which is incredibly relevant from a European point of view. All the actions are displayed on the global map.

In addition, LCUE gives the possibility to each country to take part, since the extended period guarantees to whatever territory to organize an activity, according to geographical and weather conditions.

Other than being an inclusive choice, LCUE tackles a global problem that is littering. Not only an environmental issue, but also a behavioural challenge that needs to be faced everywhere.

The 2024 edition started, as usual, with the launch event Keep Clean And Run. The manifestation is held in Italy and set up by AICA – International Association for Environmental Communication and ERICA Soc. Coop.

It consists in seven days of plogging marathons and this year KCR is running from Turin to Rome, crossing seven cities. The protagonist is Roberto Cavallo, EU Climate Pact Ambassador, followed by his team and the partners of the project. KCR is still ongoing and will end 23rd April, involving the participation of schools and territorial public administrations.

Till the European Week for Waste Reduction, other countries will present manifestations with a similar attitude and purpose under the LCUE flag. A simple but effective campaign that has brought thousands of actions in Europe throughout the years.

Let’s Clean Up Europe is coordinated in the continent by AICA – International Association for Environmental Communication. Follow the updates on Facebook & Instagram!