NFTs and reusable cups, Starbucks’ recipe for enhancing sustainability

From coffee to NFTs – Starbucks Korea recently launched “STARBUCKS STAR LIGHT”, a campaign that aims to foster the use of reusable cups in the country. Bringing their personal cup or tumbler to the shops people can receive, together with the coffee, dedicated eco stamps necessary to redeem unique NFTs.

My cup, the only one in the world” is the main slogan of the latest campaign from Starbucks Korea, which for the first time in an Asian country combines environmental awareness with digital assets. From Tuesday 16th January onwards, customers are encouraged to use their personal cups and to embrace in their daily life a more sustainable behaviour.

For every disposable cup prevented, an eco stamp is earned. Collecting eco stamps allows Korean coffee-lovers to request NTFs, distinctive digital assets of exclusive artworks by local and renowned artists as Dadaz. The dedicated pieces of art have been created in collaboration with the digital art platform ‘Print Bakery‘, starting from the concept of “My Own Cup”.

Even though NFTs are digital, very often their environmental impact is relevant. For this reason, Starbucks Korea chose the most energy-efficient technology available, developed by Polygon Labs, compared to the similar ones provided on the market. Another step from the company to demonstrate its best intentions.

We hope that customers visiting Starbucks will integrate the use of personal cups into their daily lives and enjoy the unique experience of owning their very own NFT,” said Ryan Sohn, ceo of Starbucks Korea. “Starbucks Korea will continue to introduce a variety of promotions to offer our customers an array of eco-friendly benefits“.

“Starbucks Star Light” is the latest action implemented by Starbucks Korea to enthuse customers towards eco-friendly attitudes. Since 2018, over one million people have taken part in No Single-Use Cup Day, campaign realised in collaboration with Korea Zero Waste Movement the tenth of every month. In these special days, ad hoc actions are put in place to raise awareness on the reduction of waste, providing benefits to the customers who opt for greener conducts.