From 9th May to 28th November, we can all take part to Let’s Clean Up Europe (LCUE), the European campaign that raises awareness against littering. Here is the news of 2021 edition.

Let’s Clean Up Europe is a campaign fostered by EWWR (European Week for Waste Reduction), an initiative that started in 2015 under the LIFE+ Programme of the European Commission, with the main objective to raise collective awareness about waste reduction, reuse and recycling. Let’s Clean Up Europe is a call to action, a frame within it is possible to register clean-up actions, allowing the use of operational and communication tools, which can help in organizing this kind of events. 2021 LCUE edition is bringing some important news, starting from the covered period by the campaign: itwill take place from 9th May to 28th November. For the first time it will be possible to organize plogging actions – that is a sport practice which combines run and abandoned waste collection. This news will give the opportunity to further spread LCUE message and to engage a wider public.

The guidelines include indications about the necessary means and about the rules which should be followed. Participants will have to find, pick up and differentiate littering, terms that indicates all those small items that are abandoned on the way by humans.

The goal is to clean the territory, but also to become aware about the quantity of littering we can find everywhere, and about how a collective and coordinate action can make the difference. For these reasons, LCUE lasts from May till the end of November, to give everyone the opportunity to organize clean-up events, compatibly with climatic/weather conditions, and with the sanitary restrictions due to the pandemic situation.

We are all invited to take a part to the call to action, to share the event and the registration details to all those associations, voluntary groups, sport groups and organizations that might be interested in the Let’s Clean Up Europe message. On European level, all together, the results can be effective and tangible.

Follow the campaign on @LetsCleanUpEU and @EWWR.eu social channels to stay up to date about all the news.

For further information, visit www.ewwr.eu or contact us via email serr@envi.info.