“Letters to Tomorrow”, the power of a collective dream

Just a month ago, UK celebrated the Great Big Green Week, a huge community action to tackle climate change and protect nature. Between 10th to 18th June 2023, students, activists, families, citizens got involved in local activities disseminated in every corner of the country, fostering collective actions in order to put a light on the emergency we are globally facing.

The event, coordinated by the Climate Coalition, represents a relevant opportunity to raise awareness on the ongoing effects of climate change in our everyday life and on our role in the transition to a greener future. Key aspect of this campaign is indeed the hopeful look and the positive vibe being shared. Indeed, the visuals and the slogans tell how there is still a chance to restore a harmonic relationship with the Planet, and each one of us is called to take part in this collective dream.

The campaign “Letters to tomorrow” aims to reach this goal. Through the platform, everyone is asked to share a personal letter addressed to a loved one in the future where hopes, dreams, worries, and wishes can be expressed and heard. The expectations for a greener and safer future gathered in the campaign are directed also to the current policymakers, showing once more the urge for a significant step forward in the protection of the environment we live in.


Hope that you live in a world where you feel safe and happy.
Sorry for the mess that we have left for you. (…)

We are sorry that we have passed all the problems onto people who have done little wrong and they are now suffering the affects of climate change.


To my daughter’s ,

I write this in the hope that greed didn’t win. That they stopped oil, deforestation, rewilded areas and fixed farming. Always remember we aren’t saving the planet. The planet will cool when we go and restart life again. It’s humanity that needs saving. (…)


To fully read these letters and all the others, visit the dedicate website: www.letterstotomorrow.com/view-letters/