#BiteSizedChange: Young advocates for Sustainable Food Systems

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In a world increasingly aware of environmental challenges and social injustices, young voices are rising to advocate for sustainable and fair food systems.

The #BiteSizedChange campaign by Young Fair Trade Advocates (YFTAs) is a dynamic initiative aiming to spotlight the role of youth in transforming the European Union’s (EU) food policies ahead of the 2024 elections.

This multimedia campaign underscores the urgent need for sustainable food systems that prioritize ethical practices, ecological balance, and global justice.

As an active participant in the YFTAs and  in the #BiteSizedChange campaign, I have had the privilege of collaborating with young people from all over Europe and beyond.

Together, we are driven by a shared vision for a fairer and more sustainable food system.

Our collective efforts took us to the heart of European policy making—the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels. Here, we presented our campaign, sharing our perspectives and advocating for meaningful changes in EU food policies.

Ethical Food

Ethical food revolves around making food choices that consider their impacts on humans, animals, and the planet. It addresses the moral implications of environmental harm, exploitative labor practices, and animal cruelty in the food industry. The campaign pushes for fair working conditions in agriculture, reduction in meat consumption, and conservation of biodiversity.


Agroecology is highlighted as a key solution for sustainable agriculture. This approach encourages farming that works in harmony with nature, allowing farmers to develop tailored solutions for their specific environmental challenges. Agroecology promotes short supply chains, reducing the carbon footprint associated with long-distance food transportation, and enhancing direct connections between producers and consumers.

Going Pesticides-Free

The detrimental effects of pesticides on both human health and the environment are well-documented. The campaign advocates for the reduction and eventual elimination of pesticide use, proposing financial and non-financial support for farmers transitioning to alternative pest management methods. Additionally, it calls for banning the export of harmful substances from the EU.

Global Advocacy

Global advocacy is a critical component of the campaign, focusing on addressing labor exploitation and pollution within food systems. By pushing for transparent and accountable food supply chains, the YFTAs aims to create an enabling environment for smallholder farmers and producers, ensuring they have a voice in policy making processes.

Global Food Systems

The complexity of global food systems, where many countries lack food sovereignty and rely on international trade, is another focus area. The campaign argues for EU policies that do not undermine food sovereignty in the Global South and advocates for the protection and advancement of the right to adequate food and food security.

Campaign Goals and Recommendations

In the run-up to the 2024 EU elections, the campaign seeks to raise awareness and mobilize action through original video content and policy recommendations on these five key topics.

The goals are to highlight the urgency of sustainable food systems and push for legislative changes that support fair and ecological food practices.

The recommendations include:

-   Implementing fair working conditions and reducing meat production.
-   Promoting agroecology and supporting farmers in their transition.
-   Limiting pesticide use and banning harmful exports.
-   Advocating for transparency in global supply chains and ensuring smallholder farmers'   participation in policy dialogues.
-   Designing policies that uphold food sovereignty and provide living wages.

#BiteSizedChange: Youth Voices for Sustainable Food is more than just a campaign: it’s a movement led by passionate young advocates determined to reshape the future of food systems.

By emphasizing ethical food choices, promoting agroecology, advocating for pesticide-free practices, and pushing for global policy changes, the campaign seeks to create a fairer, more sustainable food landscape.

The youth’s involvement in these efforts not only brings fresh perspectives but also drives the momentum needed for significant change.