Towards #TECE14: interview to Ms Pilar Chiva, director of prevention and recycling area of ARC.

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Today, in our column “Waiting for Towards a European Circular Economy”, we have asked a few questions to Pilar Chiva, director of prevention and recycling area of ARC, (Agencia de Residuos de Cataluña), responsible for managing the waste generated throughout Catalonia. Mrs. Chiva will introduce the afternoon session on May 22nd on the challenge of communicating waste and resources. She will open intrerventions that focus on the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR), on successful communication campaigns and a round table on raising citizens’ awareness.

–          Mrs. Chiva, what does it mean for you to participate in the Rome event?

For me, it’s the opportunity to meet colleagues and specially the most important experts in the field of waste prevention and management, and efficient use of resources.  I am also very happy to participate in the celebration of the 20th anniversary of ACR+.

–          In Rome, on Thursday May 22nd, you will introduce the part of the congress dedicated to the communication of waste management with citizens. What are for you the secrets for a good and effective environmental communication?

The good and effective environmental communication is the communication that  achieves the objective of changing patterns of behavior, not only on a punctual basis, but as a permanent evolution. I’m not sure to have the key for this ideal communication, but at least I think it should be clear, attractive and able to connect with the personal motivations of the targeted audience.

–          ARC takes part in the EWWR: how did this experience unfold in your territory and what did it represent for citizens?

EWWR has represented a fabulous driver to disseminate waste prevention among local administrations, entities, companies and even citizens in Catalonia. Since its first pilot edition in 2008, the participation in this week has been increasing every year in Catalonia, and also the impact on the media. In the last edition, in 2013, 168  project developers organized 777 activities during the EWWR. For many Catalan entities, the participation in the EWWR is already a tradition that should be maintained.

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