Towards #TECE14: Interview with Paula Mendes, from LIPOR, Portugal.

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Here is another interview from one of the protagonists of the Congress “Towards a European Circular Economy”. We host here the talk to Ms Paula Mendes, from LIPOR, the waste management company in Porto, Portugal.

In the Rome congress “Towards a European Circulary Economy”, your intervention will focus on media involvement in realizing environmental communication campaigns. Could you anticipate some of the content of your intervention?

My intervention will mainly focus on the role of the media for the success of environmental awareness communication campaigns. As I consider the media as a relevant Stakeholder able to reach other Stakeholders, I will analyze more in depth the mechanisms of relationship with the Media, how to enhance the interest of media for environmental themes and campaigns and how to evaluate the impact on Media. Finally, I will illustrate the LIPOR case.

Beyond raising media involvement, what are the keys for a successful communication strategy?

The main keys for a successful communication strategy are knowing how to promote an action. The most important successful factors are the choice of the concept and the message, the definition of goals and of expected results as well as the choice of the target. Defining a strategy (means, actions and resources) and the approach to be followed is fundamental. Defining specific evaluation mechanisms is just as important, and last but not least, one must identify the most relevant Stakeholders.

In the past years, LIPOR has developed various projects of environmental communication. Could you describe how they have unfolded?

Over the years, Lipor has developed a series of campaigns to support projects in order to promote the recycling, composting and energy recovery.
The campaigns are always evaluated, so that we can measure its impact. However, our strategy has been centered in developing outreach campaigns. In these cases, the results arrive in the medium to long term. However, these types of campaigns create effective results.

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