Earth Day 2024 around the globe – campaigns and impacts

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All over the world, the 22nd of April is Earth Day. An occurrence that since its launch in 1970 works as a catalyst of events and campaigns meant to spread a message of sustainability and environmental activism.

How did businesses, cities and citizens celebrate this edition? Let’s have a look!

For those who are able to read Italian language, here we listed other events occurred during Earth Day 2024. 


“Planet vs Plastics” is the claim of Earth Day 2024.
In recent years, scientific researches show the pervasive presence of plastics in our everyday life, in our food, in our bodies. Indeed, microplastics have been found also in our blood, in breast milk, in the Arctic’s glaciers. The whole planet is infected, a severe decline of the use of plastics is urgent.

As the Earth Day Organization claims, we need to reduce its production by 60% by 2040.
As individuals, we can have an endless impact with three simple acts:

Are you ready to take action?


As a tradition, Google’s search page every 22nd April celebrates Earth Day with a dedicated doodle. This year, Google chose to highlight the positive results achieved in 6 different areas of the planet: from the Icelandic glaciers to Mexican coral reefs, from Amazon rainforest to the Great Green Wall in Nigeria, from natural Reserves in Australia to the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Six natural habitats and biodiversity treasures that represent crucial achievements of a global movement that aims to protect and restore our common home at every level.


Open Streets: Car-Free Earth Day took place on 20th April 2024, organized by New York City Department of Transportation. The annual car-free event invaded the streets of the most famous city in the world, together with talks, seminars, happenings, celebrations. Citizens owned the city, enjoying the roads as pervasive pedestrian areas.

In Times Square finally was held the “Broadway Celebrates Earth Day Concert”.


From the forests to soccer fields: Earth Day is everywhere!

International Football Club, at Monday’s match against AC Milan, recalled the numbers of the climate crisis we are facing.

Thanks to a campaign realized in collaboration with WWF, in fact, the shirt numbers of the soccer players acquired new meanings. Indeed, 9 as the hectares of forests destroyed every minute, 28 as the tons of plastics poured in the Mediterranean Sea every 12 hours and eventually 1, as the only planet we can live in.