Ad Ecomondo è arrivata LACOMPOSTIERA.IT

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4 Risposte

  1. Michele Lasco ha detto:

    Sarebbe possibile conoscere i costi di questo macchinario?

  2. Anonymous ha detto:

    Why did you take away make coment? Could you not handle the truth that this machine is à copy of the joraform JK5100 that have been made in Sweden for 22 yrats.

  3. Emanuela Rosio ha detto:

    Dear Anonimous,
    at the Rimini Congress on composting were presented 4 alternatives solutions to the Joraform machine, one is Big Hanna, made in Sweden and the other 3 are made in Italy. As journalists we just presented the last one and we hope that the market will grown for all the competitors. You can find nformation and commercial contacts on

  4. Anonymous ha detto:

    That is okay. I just feel sade that an Italien made machine is a total copy of the JK5100 and spec if some one says that is an new machine

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