Congress Papers

Here you can find the Papers of the Congress “Towards a European Circular Economy”.

21st of May

Gunter Pauli – Lectio Magistralis

EWWR Italian Awards Ceremony

22nd of May

Round table – Best Practices on sustainable waste management through EU-funded projects
Chair Philippe Micheaux Naudet (ACR+)
LIFE+ Waste less in Chianti, integrated strategies for waste prevention by public authorities – Orsola Bolognani (Ambiente Italia)
LIFE+ NO.WASTE, waste prevention and lifestyle, action plan on waste prevention by mass retail channel
Laura Montanari (Reggio Emilia and Trento Municipalities)
INTERREG IVC Prewaste, waste prevention policies at European level – Lorenzo Federiconi (Marche Region)
INTERREG IVC R4R, selective collection and recycling – Jean Benôit Bel (Ordif – France)
MED Zerowaste Pro, CO2 Calculator – Danilo Ceh (SRC Bistra Ptuj – Slovenia)
LIFE+ PRISCA, reuse in waste hierarchy – Gianfranco Bongiovanni (Occhio del Riciclone)
ENPI CBC MED, SMOT: waste prevention strategies in old towns around MED countries
Amr Abdelrazek (University of Alexandria – Egypt) and Barbara Sarnari (Svi.Med. Ragusa)

Round table – How networking and capitalizing, positive experiences: debate on European programs on waste topic 2014-2020
Chair Jean-Jacques Dohogne (ACR+)
LIFE+ Programme – Stefania Betti (Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea, National Contact Point LIFE)
Joint Managing Authority of the ENPI CBC MED Programme
The role of ACR+ at Mediterranean Level – Françoise Bonnet (ACR+)
MED ZeroWaste Pro, a capitalisation experience – Mary Krimnianioti (EGTC EfxiniPoli – Greece)
LIFE+ NO.WASTE, a platform for networking – Laura Montanari (Reggio Emilia Municipality)
A success case of networking: the petition on the criticalities of the Italian legislation on waste – Fabrizia Calda (Impronta Etica)
How A21L supports projects networking and capitalization – Rossella Zadro (Ferrara Municipality and A21L Italy)

The European Week for Waste Reduction: a key initiative for sustainable resource and waste management
Introduction speech by Pilar Chiva (ARC – Catalunya)
The new EWWR in perspective: new concept and achievements, European Clean Up Day and Thematic days beyond the EWWR Lisa Labriga (ACR+)
Implementing the EWWR in a region: the Catalan experience – Mireia Padros (ARC – Catalunya)
The EWWR successfully reaches Eastern Europe: the case of Hungary – Eszter Tanka (OHÜ – Hungary)

An overview on successful communication campaigns
Chair Emanuela Rosio (
Key speaker Paula Mendes (LIPOR – Portugal)
Carlo Montalbetti (COMIECO)
Gino Schiona (CIAL)
Daniela Ruggieri (COREPLA)
Franco Grisan (COREVE)
Federico Fusari (RICREA)
Marco Gasperoni (RILEGNO)

Round table – Raising citizens’ awareness
Chair Alessia Grassi (AMA Roma)
Paolo Azzurro (Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea – “PINPAS”)
Isabelle Breels (Copidec – Belgium)
Dimitra Rappou (North London Waste Authority – UK)
Luca Zane (AMIU Genova)
Poul Juul Hansen (Odense – Denmark)

EWWR European Awards Ceremony

23rd of May

Session 1. Zero waste – What does it mean? Zero waste in landfill, zero waste incinerated or zero waste at source?
Chair Paula Mendes (LIPOR – ACR+)
Philip Heylen (Municipality of Antwerp – Flanders)
Enzo Favoino (Zero Waste Europe)
Wilhem Himmel (Styria Region – Austria)
Pietro Colucci (Waste Italia S.p.A.)
Christian Garaffa (Novamont S.p.A.)

Session 2. Circular Economy – What does it mean? A new economic model, boosting growth or the multi-R approach?
Chair Roberto Cavallo (ERICA – ACR+)
Key speaker Jean-Pierre Hannequart (IBGE – ACR+)
Danny Wille (OVAM – Belgium)
Walter Facciotto (CONAI)
Paola Petrone (AMSA Milano S.p.A.)
Danilo Bonato (ReMedia)

With the financial support of the European Commission.