Italian EWWR

serrThe Italian EWWR (identified with the name SERR – Settimana Europea per la Riduzione dei Rifiuti) has its roots in the Program LIFE+ promoted by the European Commission, with the goal to sensitize Institutions, consumers and all other stakeholders on strategies and prevention policies implemented by the European Union that other State members shall pursue, also in view of recent regulations (Waste Framework Directive, 2008/98/EC).

The “Week” consists in an elaborated environmental communication campaign aimed at citizens that intends to promote a greater awareness on excessive quantities of waste produced and on the need to reduce them drastically.

The Italian EWWR promoting committee is formed by:

– Ministry of Environment
– Federambiente
– Legambiente
– Province of Turin

– Province of Rome
– AICA (International Association of  Environmental Communication) – organizing secretariat

– Erica soc. coop. –technical partner
– Eco dalle Città – technical partner

The actions that may take place during the “Week” will be inspired to five main themes :

1. Too much waste;
2. Eco-friendly production;
3. Careful and responsible consumption;
4. Longer life of products;
5. Less waste thrown away.

The goals of the European Week for Waste Reduction can be synthetized as follows:
• to promote actions that reduce waste across Europe;
• to raise awareness on the possible reduction strategies and on European and national environmental policies;
• to highlight virtuous examples of waste reduction;
• to emphasize existing links between waste reduction, sustainable development and fight against climate change

The first edition of the Italian EWWR has taken place in 2009, and since the nit has been a growing success in terms of actions and enthusiasm!

The 2016 edition will take place from November 19th to November 27th.

For additional information, visit European Week for Waste Reduction