What are the AICA awards?

The A.I.C.A awards – established in 2004 – aim to reward those who, through communication campaigns, bring environmental problems to the attention of citizens, contributing thus to the creation of a consciousness and an environmental culture.

The Scientific Committee and the Members of the Association express their preference, based on 5 evaluation criteria:

• the professional or cultural interest for issues related to environmental communication;
• the dissemination effectiveness of the language, both visual and verbal;
• the innovative and original use of media;
• the choice of communication methods that lead to a real change in behavior;
• the ability to disseminate and to reach a wide territorial target

The awards were established with the category “COMMUNICATING WITH CITIZENS IMPROVES THE ENVIRONMENT” with the purpose of bringing the issues of environmental communication to public attention.

The awards are meant to represent a recognition for all those who were able to decline the complex environmental issues in an informative language, significantly contributing to creating a greater environmental consciousness and culture.

Since 2006, the AICA awards have been enriched with a special section called “COMMUNICATING THE KYOTO PROTOCOL”. The purpose of this additional category is to bring to public attention the issues related to the Kyoto Protocol, the reduction of CO2 emissions and energy efficiency.

Since 2008, another category has been added: “THE CAREER PRIZE BEPPE COMIN “, that wants to give recognition to the commitment of a life spent to promote environment.