EWWR 2014 AWARDS: the photos of the event

The winners of the EWWR 2014 awards have been rewarded at the EWWR awards ceremony on Wednesday, 27 May 2015, in Budapest.

The EWWR awards rewarded the six most outstanding awareness-raising actions, selected amongst 18 finalists, implemented during the EWWR 2014 in each of the categories of Action Developers:

The awards ceremony took place in the scope of a two-day congress held the 27 and 28 May in Budapest: “New approaches to the national waste management”. Having closed the conference “Moving away from landfill & incineration: circular economy in practice”, the EWWR awards was the occasion to give concrete examples on how to implement a circular economy.

Out of more than 50 actions that had been submitted by EWWR Coordinators to run for the EWWR awards, three actions per category of Action Developers have been chosen as finalists:

(Winners in bold)

Administrations/ Public Authorities:

  • Food Waste – Appreciate Food instead of Throwing it Away!, implemented by AWA Entsorgung GmbH
  • Food wastage in prison: let’s reduce waste there too!, implemented by Strasbourg detention centre (Alsace, France)
  • Kajmans kalas (Kajmans birthday party), implemented by Department of Sustainable Waste and Water, City of Gothenburg


  • Educating with Energy, implemented by Educafrica
  • org, la plateforme des dons alimentaire (foodwe.org, the food donations platform), implemented by Foodwe (Wallonia, Belgium)
  • Turning imperfect products into opportunities, implemented by Associació Espigoladors


  • Cibo in spazzatura spreco in natura (Don’t feed waste), implemented by Simply spa
  • Pesa i Pensa (Weight and think), implemented by Campos Estela
  • United Against Waste Challenge, implemented by Unilever Food Solutions (Flanders, Belgium)

Educational Establishments:

  • Mangio Consapevolmente e senza sprechi (Eating consciously and without waste!), implemented by 1° Istituto Comprensivo di Melilli – Siracusa
  • One week for waste reduction – 600 clicks for the environment, implemented by Bethlen Gábor ÚÁG Kincskereső Tagiskolája (Budapest, Central Hungary, Hungary)
  • Recycling – Thinking Green, Implemented by First Private Mathematical Gymnasium

Individual citizens:

  • Un an sans poubelles (A year without waste bins), implemented by Yacine Canama (Brussels, Brussels Capital Region, Belgium)
  • Waste Not Want Not Composter Design, implemented by Emma Hickey
  • Waste sorting, recycling and reuse in our village, implemented by Greksa Lászlóne


  • “Fomento de la 4a R de Responsabilidad”, implemented by José Hospital San Agustín
  • Minimisation of uneaten hospital meals, implemented by Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital (Badalona, Catalonia, Spain)
  • Per fare un uovo ci vuole.. (To make an egg it takes..), implemented by CEAS di Lula (center of environmental education)


Photo gallery of the EWWR Coordinators’ Meeting, the international conference and the EWWR 2014 Awards in Budapest


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